-IMMUNOTECH,INC. Bioscience and Medical Biotechnology Lab at Korea University

CEO: Jung, Wan-sik Ph.D.
Professor: Kim, Young-jun

Bio-Medicinal Technology Laboratory Bio-Medicinal Technology lab performed a variety of research on the utilization of functional food components and active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as their reactions and metabolisms. Our research focuses on bioavailability of pharmaceutically-active and toxic components and performing the molecular biological research on its metabolism in vivo. We also perform physicochemical studies and establish production model and analytical system for active compounds including fatty acids, minerals, and phytochemicals to expand their scope of the application.

Our main research interests are as follows:
1. Increase the bioavailability and extractability of active ingredients of plant origin using complexed cell wall-degrading enzymatic system.

2. Maximization of physicochemical functionality, stability and synergistic effect between pharmaceutically active components through the studies on the functional mechanisms.

3. Bioavailability and absorption of a variety of active compounds in ex-vivo and in vivo models.

4. Studies to develop the active compounds effective in strengthening physical activity, stress control, anti-obesity and liver protection, and the mechanistic studies at various molecular levels.

5. Development of functional foods and value improvement of animal feeds through mechanistic studies on the biosynthesis and accumulation of functional fatty acids such as conjugated linoleic acids (CLA).

Example of Research Result 1

Researches on Immunoactive Components from Natural Substances

It has been known that the overproduction of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-α, IL-6 causes septic shock, inflammation, cachexia, and cell death. In addition, NO by iNOS also has an effect to the pathology of several inflammatory disorders. Our laboratory has investigated the immunological effect of components from natural substances. In addition, we are currently investigating the immunoregulatory effect of substances decomposed by enzymatic processes.

Related projects
Development of immune enhancing food products using colostral Proline-rich polypeptides (PRP) produced by hydrolytic enzymes (2012.12.18~2015.12.17)

Development of healthy PET FOOD (2013.06.01~2015.05.31)

Example of Research Result 2

Investigation of anti-obesity effect and mechanism using adipocyte cell line and animal model

Our laboratory has examined the effect of various food materials on lipid metabolism and gene expressions related to obesity in vitro and in vivo system. Using a differentiation systems of adipose cell line, we have investigated the inhibition of cell growth, lipid accumulation and the mRNA expression levels of key transcriptional factors related to lipogenic and lipolysis pathway in obesity. We have identified synergistic anti-obesity effect of various food components such as CLA and phytoncide from nature plant. We are currently perform many projects for the development of multifunctional food in anti-obesity research field.

-Related projects
Local industrial Program, Funded by Ministry of knowledge Economy (2012.12.01~2013.11.30)

-Key Publications
Livestock Science (2013)154:117-122
J. Nutr.Biochem (2012) 23:186-191

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