Selected 2012-2013 Local Industry Technology

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Local industry technology development business is one of local development account supporting businesses by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(former The Ministry of Knowledge Economy), of which business description includes discovering industry field which can be specialized and granting supports like industry-academy-research centers' networking, technology development, professional fostering, marketing and etc..

The headquarter, Immunotech has been selected for the mission under the subject of development and commercialization of conjugated unsaturated fatty acid synergy compound which has antiobesity effect to be granted for investment support for enhancing food ingredient's functionality and developing its core technology.

-Research period: 1 years

○ Research abstract
- Verifying biological activity of developing ingredients
- Verifying antioxigenation, antiobesity, liver protection effect and biological effectiveness
- Establishing mode of action by clinical research verification on developed ingredients
- Estimating the effects of the developed ingredients on human body
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