2012-2015 High Value Added Food Technology

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'Korea Institute of Planning and Evaluation For Technology In Food, Agreculture, Frestry and Fisheries Appoints 2012-2015 High Value Added Food Technology Development Business’

High value added food technology development business is a business that supports core application technology development to enhance food competitiveness. The headquarter, "Imunotech" was selected for the mission under the subject of high value added food development for improving immunity using enzyme hydrolysis technique capable of increasing the yield of Proline Rich Polypeptides (PRP) from the first breast milk to be granted for this investment support.

-Research period: 3 years

○ Research abstract
◦ When segregating PRP from the first breast milk, developing enzyme that would increase relative concentration of PRP, fixing the developed PRP segregated enzyme, obtaining the optimum reaction condition and stability and building mass production system.
- Developing enzyme capable of segregating PRP with higher concentration(5%+) than existing one.
- Creating the optimum enzyme activating condition.

◦ Effectiveness test of improving immunity on the segregated PRP from the developed enzyme and development of high value added food to improve immunity related diseases.
- Proving immunity improvement effectiveness increased compared to PRP by the existing production method.
- Developing high value added food which is easy to absorb into human body and secure safety to improve immunity related diseases and establishing conditions for commercial process.
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